About Us

Welcome to Sri Vivekananda Vidya Kendra

Our School promotes academic excellence, creating learning, knowledge, skills and values to be successful in an ever changing world. School fosters a caring and creative environment and emphasizes the social physical and intellectual development of each child.

Our Aim

To help each individual to progress and perfect. Our aims are designed with a purpose. It also sets a goal for the teachers to achieve in relation to the learners.

….to enable students to appreciate the value of sociological inquiry are to enjoy studying the discipline.

This aim is very general and includes the concept of enjoyment which can be surveyed but not reliably quantified.


  • The objectives are desirable outcomes of intended actions through the mode of education.

  • Educational objectives are policy statements of direction and provide foundation of the entire educative structure.

  • Add to this learning process we also cater to all the Sports and Extra curricular activities.

  • Helps in curriculum design and Facilitates evaluation & learning.

  • Opportunities for earning while learning.

  • To implicate creativity.

JALAJAKSHI.K Our Principal  principal@vivekedu.org Facebook Twitter Linkedin