Mandatory public disclosure

# Information Details
1 Name Of the school Sri Vivekananda Vidya Kendra, Bangalore rural Dist, Hoskote
2 Affiliation No(If Applicable) 830680
3 School Code 45776
4 Complete Address with PIN code Sri Vivekananda Vidya Kendra, Sri Ramakrishna Road, Sir M.V Extension, Hoskote, Bengaluru Rural – 562114, Karnataka.
5 Principal name & Qualification Tejigoudar Ashwini Marigouda, M.Sc, B.Ed
6 School Email Id
7 Contact Details(Landline / Mobile) 080 – 27931778
# Documents / Information Uploded Documents
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Sl.No Year No Of Registered Student No Of Passed Student Pass Percentage Remarks
1 2019-20 22 22 100% NA
2 2020-21 19 19 100% NA
3 2021-22 31 31 100% NA
4 2022-23 32 32 100% NA
Class Strength
Pre-Nursery 20
LKG 36
UKG 40
1 40
2 40
3 38
4 28
5 36
6 35
7 38
8 27
9 27
10 33
Total 431
Fee Structure for the academic year
Grade Tution Fee
I and II 48000
III and IV 49000
V 50000
VI 52000
VII 54000
VIII and IX 56000
X 61000

Norms Followed For Fixing Fees

The Fee is fixed on the basis of the salary & the recurring expenses, development & Maintenance expenses, etc.,

Sl.No Campus Area Size of Class Room Size of laboratories Internet Facility No of Girls Toilet No of Boys Toilet Youtube Link

Every year we are conducting sports competitions of Inter-schools& between the houses in addition to this we are also giving importance for the cultural programmes.

In addition to all this facilities we are also interested in student’s health line like Yoga, Meditation and Music.


The word Yoga has originated from the combination of the two Sanskrit words “Yoke” and “Yui” meaning together and stretch respectively. Yoga is a traditional Indian meditation technique which imparts necessary physical and mental exercises to collect all the powers and strengths of the body, mind and the soul. Yoga is widely practiced for health and relaxation.


To reduce the stress and Increase the Concentration towards studies.


It soothes us, moves and inspires us. We also have the different types of clubs to give the awareness for the students. Ex: integrity clubs. It shows our unity in diversity by celebrating national festivals.


To improve their vocabulary and languages through this club.


Heritage Club bound to make teaching of history interesting. To imbibe the Indian cultural heritage.


Eco Club play an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation to avoid the minimum use of plastic and not to throw them in civic places. Formula: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle


This club is established to take hygienic right from the childhoods. This club checks:

  • Checking of nails
  • Avoiding oily food and Bakery items foods in their Tiffin box
  • Attaching the flexes for information about AIDS DAY, MALARIA DAY, Warms day, etc.,

Teachers are taking care of their wellness in eating healthy food, physical activity, time maintaining, yoga and meditation.


A Special Educator is recruited to educate special children's